What to do About Nothing to do?

I feel that there is only one true answer when you have nothing to do. . . PLAY MINECRAFT. . . If you don't play, you should start, and if you do play. . . Keep doing what you're doing *thumbs way up* Keep on truckin'

If you could go ahead and just off yourself right now, that would be great! Thanks, Pumpkin! #cosplay #borderlands2 #gearbox #2Kgames #makeup #somuchfun

Drew Wallace


24. August 2014

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PLAY BORDERLANDS 2 WITH ME!!!!! *Ahem* now that that is out of my system, if you haven’t played it I suggest you start… Like now… I’m totally willing to start over, I’m really good at being a Mechromancer (in both the game and in cosplay) please please please… It’s still free on steam for a little while I think, then after that the GOTY edition is only $10….. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE … I’m done now…


SO Steam is having a sale on 2K games this weekend! I mean, they have like a million awesome sales, but this one is especially awesome because 2K is a really solid publisher. 
If you’re looking to pick up the Bioshock games (all 3 for $10 right now), or Borderlands, now would be a great time. I personally couldn’t recommend the Borderlands games enough, as any game where you get a quest to “Shoot Face McShooty in the face” or rescue an old man’s fake leg from an acid-spitting space dog is something I can get behind. (and you can play without buying for this weekend, so give it a test drive!)

Psst. Hey. Hey, you there. P-Body. Wanna join the One-eyed brigade?
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I’m not entirely sure how this is “vintage” I remember watching this movie as a child, bit whatever…