What to do About Nothing to do?

I feel that there is only one true answer when you have nothing to do. . . PLAY MINECRAFT. . . If you don't play, you should start, and if you do play. . . Keep doing what you're doing *thumbs way up* Keep on truckin'


Cats are so graceful.

I could watch this for the rest of my life!!!!


Remind me never to look up the Game of Thrones tag on Tumblr again until I’m up to date. Or I’ll JuST SPOIL IT EVEN BLOODY MORE.

My feelings too!


lol! made my day :-D #houseofstark #GoT #ironman

Omg. I laughed way harder than I should have. XD

Sick. :/

17. April 2014

Been hanging out with my husband all night. It would be enjoyable to sit around and watch GoT with him if it weren’t for having to pause if every 30 minutes so that the poor guy can go be sick. :/ it makes me very sad to see him like this, but I can’t help him in any way. :(